FAQ - Where's The Answer To My Support Ticket?

Rumble Player Support is available to assist all players whose questions are not covered by the Articles provided on the support website. If you have filed a ticket to Rumble Player Support, we will respond as quickly as possible! All responses are emailed back to the email address that you provided when signing up for the support website, and will be coming from Please be sure to whitelist / add to spam filters / add to contacts / etc that email address so that you don't miss a response from us!


If you think you have missed a response, you can also check your existing requests by selecting the My Activites option from the dropdown at the top of any page, or by clicking the link below.


Check Your Existing Requests


If your inquiry has been answered, then it will not appear as an open request. Please be sure to also check the list of recently solved and closed requests for the answer to your inquiry.


Rest assured, all issues are responded to as quickly as possible!


-Rumble Player Support

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