The Basics - Care & Feeding of your Titans!

So you've completed the tutorial, found out that [REDACTED] is leading the attack, and you have your first batch of starting Titans, and maybe a couple of extra Tomes. So now what?


Now is the time when you work to improve your Titans, to make them better capable of facing the challenges that Towers and Titans has to offer! There are four main ways to improve your Titan, and each will have different requirements.



Leveling up your Titan will improve their Health, Armor, and Power stats, which allow them to dish our, receive, and mitigate more damage during combat. The maximum level your Titan can reach is dependent on how many Stars they have. A star.pngstar.png Titan will max out at Level 20, where a star.pngstar.pngstar.pngstar.pngstar.pngstar.png Titan can reach level 60! In order to level your Titan you'll need Gold, available in the PvP Arena, and Titan XP, available from Campaign Missions.



Every Titan possesses at least two Skills; the first is their Ability, which can come in the form of devastating attacks, Ally buffs or enemy Debuffs, and more. The second Skill will be the Titan's passive Skill which automatically provide bonuses to your Titan or its allies. Some powerful Titans may even possess a second Passive Skill!

Each Titan can be Ranked Up, with different bonuses unlocked at each Skill Rank. These Skill Ranks can provide bonuses or modifiers to one or more of the Titan's Skills. You can see a PREVIEW of the Ranks available to an individual titan on the Skill Panel.

To purchase a Rank Up for a Titan, you must first obtain the required Skill Medals and Potions. Skill Medals are obtained from Dungeons, and Potions can be obtained from Campaign missions.



Evolution allows your Titan to reach greater heights in terms of power and ability. When you Evolve your Titan they go up one Star level (so from a star.png Titan to a star.pngstar.png Titan), which increases the maximum level that Titan can reach (so their cap goes from Level 10 to Level 20), the number of possible Ascensions, and increases their Power hero_team_score.png score. A Titan's CP Cost may also change after Evolution.

Please note that when you Evolve your Titan, their Level resets to 1; this is by design.

To Evolve a Titan, that Titan must first be at the level cap. Then you'll need Gold from the PvP Arena, and [another Titan of the same Family]. How many Titans that will be required for sacrifice is based on the current Star level of your Titan. Evolving from a star.png to a star.pngstar.png Titan will require one Titan for sacrifice, and so on.



Ascension is the final way you can improve your Titans! It allows you to sacrifice one or more Titans to power up another Titan, lowering the CP Cost to deploy on the battlefield. The number of Ascension levels available is dependent on the Star level of the Titan. A star.png Titan can be Ascended to a star_ascended.png Titan, or a star.pngstar.png Titan can Ascend first to a star_ascended.pngstar.png Titan, and then finally a star_ascended.pngstar_ascended.png Titan!

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