Game Guide - Growing Your Rift Hunter Company - Ranking your Heroes


"Welcome back, Commander!"

"So you've reached the point where one of your Heroes has reached the apex of what they can reach; they're at 6-Stars, they're level 60, and they've maxed out all their Skills. So now what can they do?"

"You can rank them up!"

"Ranking up a Hero allows them to grow past the current 6-Star limits, to further increase their power and defenses. As of today you can only get as high as Rank III, but eventually all Heroes will be able to reach up to Rank VI. Each successive Rank gives that Hero access to stat increases for HP, Armor, and Power for each Rank they unlock, based on the quality of the Hero being Ranked. Ranked Heroes also have bonus damage and damage reduction against Heroes of a lower rank, with increased bonuses the further apart in Rank the two Heroes are."

"Heroes can be Ranked through the Fusion Panel. To get to Rank II, a Hero needs to be a Level 60, 6* Hero that has been Ascended, received all their Skill Ups, and have maxed out their Rank Points."

"What are Rank Points you ask? Good question!"

"Once a 6* Hero reaches Level 60, they begin to accumulate Rank Points instead of XP when fighting in Hero Events and other special events. In order to Rank Up, a Hero needs to max out their Rank Points. Rank Points are basically another type of XP that's counting towards your Hero's Rank instead of their Level!"

"So! Once you've gotten a Hero ready to be Ranked by meeting the basic requirements, you also need to gather the materials required for their Rank Recipe, which changes based on their current Rank and the next Rank up."

"When I say materials, Commander, I really mean other Heroes. Like Hero Fusion, Ranking your Heroes requires the sacrifice of some of your other Heroes back into the Void to power up the one you want to Rank."

"Different Heroes will have different requirements for their Rank Recipe, all of which can be seen once you place that Rank Up-ready Hero in for Fusion in the Fusion Panel. For example, if you want to Rank up your 6* Level 60, Ascended and fully Skilled Petra, an Epic Stone Giant, you're going to need two other Epic Heroes at 6* Level 60 & Ascended, along with two more Epic Heroes of any variety."

"If you're concerned about sacrificing the wrong Hero, you can check the Rank Recipe requirements for any Hero once they've reached Level 60 at 6* and have begun accumulating Rank Points. Again that's checked through the Fusion Panel."

"There's also some old Rank II Wisps still around. If you still have a Rank II Wisp, then you can bypass the Rank Recipe requirements for getting an otherwise eligible Hero up to Rank II. They still need to be 6* Level 60, Ascended & fully Skilled and maxed out on Rank Points, but you can use the Rank II Wisp instead of the Rank Recipe material requirements (that means all the other Heroes you'd need for Rank Up)."

"Rank II Wisps aren't available anymore, so if you have one you can use it, but if you don't then you'll have to put together the materials required in their Rank Recipe."

"So, to summarize:"

"A 6*, Level 60, Ascended, fully Skilled and maxed on Rank Points Hero can go to Rank II."

"A Rank II Hero that's maxed out on Rank Points can go up to Rank III."

"Unranked to Rank II and Rank II to Rank III all have different requirements for Heroes to be sacrificed, based on the Hero being Ranked."

"Rank Points can be earned in the Hero Event and other special events."

"I think that about covers it, Commander. Good luck out there!"

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